addiction-medications-arent-cheatingSince it was first approved for public use, there have been people who complained that the pharmaceutical companies behind testosterone drugs such as AndroGel went too far in their marketing campaigns and made the testosterone drugs sound like the key to the fountain of youth. There have also been complaints which have led testosterone lawsuits claiming that the manufactures were deliberately quiet about whether or not use of the drugs in testosterone therapy could lead to side effects such as prostate cancer and heart attacks.

Despite the criticism, it’s estimated that in the United States, one million men have started to use testosterone gels with the hope that the gels will increase their energy levels and boost their sex drive. Economical experts feel confident that by 2017, testosterone drugs will generate an annual revenue of $5 billion and that American men invest $2 billion annually into testosterone replacement therapies with the hope of feeling younger.

Earlier this year, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine garnered interest when it discussed the results of data collected from 800 men who were using AndroGel to help with issues that included low libido to decreased walking speeds. In order to participate in the study, each man had to have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. The research was only done on men who used the gel and not anyone who took testosterone therapy in the form of oral pills, patches, or injections.

The report indicated that the men only experienced modest improvements in sexual desire after they started using the gel, and there was little change in the men who use the gel with the hopes that it would ease their erectile dysfunction problems. The results indicated that for sexual performance issues, Viagra was a more effective tool. There was minimal improvement in mood and no measurable change in energy levels and mobility.


What the study didn’t do was explore the possibility that AndroGel and other forms of testosterone therapy could lead to serious health problems, including heart attacks, issues that the pharmaceutical companies have been neatly sidestepping.

Dangerous-Drug-300x199While the drug companies might not be willing to comment on the potential side effects of the testosterone drugs they produce and sell, the men who have taken the drug only to suffer from a severe threat to their health are ready and willing to tackle the issue. At this moment, there are thousands of lawsuits in the works that have been filed by men who are confident that there’s a direct link between the testosterone therapy drugs they used and the heart attack or stroke they suffered after they started the treatment program. 5,000 federal lawsuits against the manufactures of testosterone replacement drugs have been filed in just the Northern District of Illinois. The men who filed the lawsuits say they hadn’t realized there was any connection between the testosterone and cardiovascular problems.

The rising concerns about the potentially fatal side effects connected to testosterone therapy drugs prompted the FDA to require the manufactures of the drugs to change the warning labels attached to the gels, patches, and pills.

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