SOFT SWINGING/SRS: The expression utilized to spell it out same-room intercourse, watching/being watched, or any intimate encounter as much as, although not including sex, with somebody apart from your partner. The experience that is first numerous couples some sort of soft-swinging.

SPAGHETTISEXUAL: women that is directly, this is certainly. Until she gets damp!

SPITROAST: relates to a girl getting a person through the front side and straight right right straight back simultaneously

STD: Std. A phrase developed when you look at the late 1970’s to replace VD since the latter carried social and implications that are moral the minds of numerous. These social and moral implications interfered with all the genuine remedy for sexually transmitted conditions being a problem that is medical.

STR or STR8/STRAIGHT: Any one who just isn’t thinking about participating in homosexual task or an individual who will not make use of medications; additionally utilized by swingers to denote non-swinging individuals.

SUBMISSIVE: Passive, wants become dominated.

SWAPPING: Two partners partners that are exchanging sex.

SWEDISH SOCIETY: utilization of the arms particularly in therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage to stimulate another sexually.

SWINGING: an alternate lifestyle for consenting grownups who enjoy social, leisure intimate tasks with other people, most frequently for a couple-to-couple basis, with complete knowledge and shared consent of both lovers; solitary gents and ladies are often included.

SWINGER INSURANCE: intimate help with order to have and keep a hardon, taken by men. These include: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc.

MOVING LIFE: model of coping with moving an important component in entertainment, range of buddies, company and social life, and intimate relationships.

MOVING MARRIAGE: wedding integrating moving and frequently, humanistic ideals.

TAN: Tested Antibody Bad for HIV virus(AIDS).

THREESOME: Three people, two of 1 intercourse plus one associated with the other in a moving encounter.

ADMISSION: an individual, often a female, delivered to a party that is swing make it possible for the male to get entrance. The solution generally speaking doesn’t have intention to move or perhaps is maybe not able to move.

TRIAD: Three individuals, two of just one intercourse and something of this other in a consistent relationship of psychological and involvement that is sexual. Different then a threesome.

TWINK: younger, attractive male person that is homosexual.

UTOPIAN SWINGER: an individual who practices swinging as being a lifestyle that is total humanistic ideals.

V-SAFE: Means a vasectomy is had by the male

VAS-SAFE: another real method of saying V-SAFE.

DILDO: Electrically operate vibrating unit for stimulation associated with vagina by insertion or keeping to external lips, clitoris, breasts therefore the male penis. Some vibrators are penile shaped and so are run by batteries while more costly people are for surface usage and are usually run by the AC engine from a typical wall surface socket. Vibrators are utilized by men and women for self-stimulation and also to please another sexually.

VOLUPTUOUS: Fullness of beauty and type; frequently utilized to a female with big breasts that are well-formed could also make reference to complete but well created hips.

VOYEUR: an individual who enjoys others that are watching intimate functions.

VOYEURISM: intimate satisfaction by viewing or peeping at other people involved in sexual intercourse.

VWE: really well endowed person

WAY-OUTS/WEIRDOS: Those individuals thinking about activities frequently considered by the bulk become strange, kinky, uncommon, or unconventional.

W/E: Well endowed individual


BiF: Bisexual Female

BiM: Bisexual Male

BiMF: Bisexual Married Female

BiMM: Bisexual Married Male

BDSM: Bondage/Discipline/Domination/Submission/Sadism/Masochism

CD: Cross-dresser

CPL: Few

DBF: Divorced Ebony Female

DBM: Divorced Black Male

DDF: Drug and Infection Complimentary

DD’s: Double D Chest Size

Dom: Dominant (male)

Domme: Dominant (feminine)

DP: Double Penetration

D/S: Domination/Submission

DWF: Divorced White Female

DWM: Divorced White Male

DTF: Down Seriously To bang

F/T: Full-time

F2F: Face-to-Face

F4F: Women For Girl

F4M: Ladies For Guy

F4MF: Ladies For Man Ladies

GSOH: Common Sense of Humour

GBF: Gay Ebony Female

GBM: Gay Black Male

GWF: Gay White Female

GWM: Gay White Male

HWP: Height/Weight Proportional

ISO: In Re Re Re Search Of

IRL: In True To Life

ILU: you are loved by me

LOL: Laugh(ing) Out Loud

LTR: Long Haul Relationship

LFG: in search of a bunch

LDS: Latter-day Saints

LDR: Cross Country Relationship

LGBT: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

LS: Life Style

M4M: Man For Guys

M4W: Guy For Females

MBA: Married But Available

MBF: Hitched Ebony Female

MBM: Married Black Male

MF4MF: Guy Women For Man Ladies

MF4F: Guy Women For Females

MF4M: Guy Women For Guy

MJF: Married Jewish Feminine

MJM: Married Jewish Male

MM: Married Men

MWC: Married With Children

MWF: Married White Female

MWM: Married White Male

NSA: No Strings Attached

PF: Expert Female

PM: Expert Male

P/T: in your free time

RPG: Part Doing Offers

RL: Actual Life

SAF: Solitary Asian Feminine

SAM: Solitary Asian Male

SALT: Solitary and Loving It

SBF: Solitary Ebony Female

SBM: Solitary Black Male

SCF: Solitary Christian Female

SCM: Solitary Christian Male

SHF: Solitary Hispanic Female

SHM: Single Hispanic Male

SINK: Solitary Money No Teenagers

SJF: Single Jewish Female

SJM: Single Jewish Male

SM: Sadism/Masochism (S&M)

SOH: Feeling Of Humor

Sub: Submissive

SWF: Solitary White Female

SWM: Solitary White Male

SO: Spouse

SWALK: Sealed With A Loving Kiss

Television: Transvestite

TS: Transsexual

VDP: Vaginal Double Penetration

W4M: Women For Males

W4W: Ladies For Females

W/E: Well-endowed

WLTM: Want To Fulfill

XOXO: Hugs and Kisses

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