We offered my utilized socks on e-bay and discovered an underground that is fetish

We offered my utilized socks on e-bay and discovered an underground that is fetish

Meet used sock buyer ‘UnusualOddity’

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me such a thing), a user called ‘UnusualOddity’ titled his thread: ‘I buy dudes (sic) utilized socks on Ebay, AMA! ’

“i simply just like the odor of them, ” he penned.

UnusualOddity, whom declined become interviewed because of The Brag, unveiled through the AMA that he’s in their mid-twenties, heterosexual, but just thinking about menswear.

He said the fetish sparked as he ended up being a teen, and he does not discriminate in terms of the situation the socks have been in.

“once I ended up being more youthful and around sweaty/smelly foot and/or socks i came across that i truly liked it! Weird, i understand.

“I prefer them to be much more utilized, certainly smelly. Athletic are cool but so can be gown socks. Holes are fine too! ”

UnusualOddity on Reddit

Let’s talk details. What exactly is a sock fetish?

Olfactophilia may be the name that is correct the fetish of utilized socks. Therapy Today defines Olfactophilia as: “a paraphilia by which people derive sexual joy and arousal from smells and odours. ”

Pamela Supple, who may have a Masters of Health Science and contains invested the very last 25 years as being a Sex, Relationship and health Therapist, said “all fetishes are wide and varied and differ significantly for every person. ”

Whenever asked exactly just what purchasers of utilized socks are particularly doing using them following the purchase, Supple stated: “They could be smelling them, placing them on, getting intimately aroused by them, fantasising. Some would get stimulated by pictures of utilized socks and imagine various smells and odours. ”

Pamela Supple stated that while base and sock fetishes are split, they could intertwine.

“Specific odours are manufactured on foot sweat which can be odourless, but combined with specific bacteria – which are included in our individual flora – are the most endemic kinds of erotic olfactory arousal for a few, ” said Supple.