Police Officer Collides with Bakery Truck in the Middle of an Intersection

B822161606Z.1_20151020210042_000_GOH1IL5GP.2_Gallery (1)On Tuesday morning, an officer found herself forced to file an accident report after her patrol car was struck by a bakery truck. The officer had been in route to handle a reported assault that was in progress near South and Third streets. As the officer reached the intersection of South and 11th streets the accident occurred.

Police Chief Inspector, Scott Small, was willing to make a statement about the incident. “This just appears to be an intersection accident. The police officer, who is assigned to the Third District, was en route to a foot pursuit just about seven blocks away. She did have her lights and sirens activated when she went through the intersection.”

According to reports, the officer was injured and complained about pain on the left side of her body and exhibited visible bleeding from her mouth. Before she was as transported to the neared hospital, she indicated that she was perfectly capable of both speaking and walking.

At the time this article was written, it was unclear whether it was the California police officer or the driver of the bakery truck who was at fault for the accident. “Our real-time crime cameras are located at the intersection, and we’re told they did record the accident,” Scott Small explained to the press.

“I’m very glad that no one appears to have been seriously hurt during the accident,” California personal injury attorney, Drew Warren stated.  “My firm handles many personal injury cases similar to this one. It’s always frightening to see how badly a person can be hurt when someone take their eyes of the road, even for a split second.”

At the moment, there’s no indication about whether or not the police department is interested in pursuing a civil case against the driver of the bakery truck and possibly the bakery as well. It’s likely that the department wants to review the footage of the accident before they decide how they want to proceed.


You don’t have to be an injured police officer to pursue a California personal injury case when you’re hurt in a vehicular accident. When you contact a personal injury law firm, you’ll work closely with an experienced attorney who will review all the details of your case and then advise you as to the best way to proceed. No lawyer is going to suggest filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver if they’re not confident that they can’t win the case for you. We recommended  Killino Firm California.

If you decide to file a personal injury claim, your attorney will launch an investigation into the accident and use the information they gather to determine the size of the settlement they believe your entitled to. The settlement should be enough to help you pay your medical bills and repair/replace your vehicle any loss wages. It’s also possible that the attorney will be able to get a little extra added to the settlement to compensate you for your pain and suffering.

The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney; the sooner they can start working on your behalf.

Testosterone Lawsuits Claim Drug Company Misleads Patients

addiction-medications-arent-cheatingSince it was first approved for public use, there have been people who complained that the pharmaceutical companies behind testosterone drugs such as AndroGel went too far in their marketing campaigns and made the testosterone drugs sound like the key to the fountain of youth. There have also been complaints which have led testosterone lawsuits claiming that the manufactures were deliberately quiet about whether or not use of the drugs in testosterone therapy could lead to side effects such as prostate cancer and heart attacks.

Despite the criticism, it’s estimated that in the United States, one million men have started to use testosterone gels with the hope that the gels will increase their energy levels and boost their sex drive. Economical experts feel confident that by 2017, testosterone drugs will generate an annual revenue of $5 billion and that American men invest $2 billion annually into testosterone replacement therapies with the hope of feeling younger.

Earlier this year, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine garnered interest when it discussed the results of data collected from 800 men who were using AndroGel to help with issues that included low libido to decreased walking speeds. In order to participate in the study, each man had to have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels. The research was only done on men who used the gel and not anyone who took testosterone therapy in the form of oral pills, patches, or injections.

The report indicated that the men only experienced modest improvements in sexual desire after they started using the gel, and there was little change in the men who use the gel with the hopes that it would ease their erectile dysfunction problems. The results indicated that for sexual performance issues, Viagra was a more effective tool. There was minimal improvement in mood and no measurable change in energy levels and mobility.


What the study didn’t do was explore the possibility that AndroGel and other forms of testosterone therapy could lead to serious health problems, including heart attacks, issues that the pharmaceutical companies have been neatly sidestepping.

Dangerous-Drug-300x199While the drug companies might not be willing to comment on the potential side effects of the testosterone drugs they produce and sell, the men who have taken the drug only to suffer from a severe threat to their health are ready and willing to tackle the issue. At this moment, there are thousands of lawsuits in the works that have been filed by men who are confident that there’s a direct link between the testosterone therapy drugs they used and the heart attack or stroke they suffered after they started the treatment program. 5,000 federal lawsuits against the manufactures of testosterone replacement drugs have been filed in just the Northern District of Illinois. The men who filed the lawsuits say they hadn’t realized there was any connection between the testosterone and cardiovascular problems.

The rising concerns about the potentially fatal side effects connected to testosterone therapy drugs prompted the FDA to require the manufactures of the drugs to change the warning labels attached to the gels, patches, and pills.

If you feel that testosterone replacement therapy has harmed your health and want to take legal actions, contact a good attorney today. We recommend you to visit  http://www.rxinjuryhelp.com/.







Tragic Fire Results in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Following a devastating Valentine’s Day fire that resulted in the death of five children, a Minneapolis landlord finds himself facing a wrongful death lawsuit. Most of the children perished when they became caught in the third story stairwell.

Based on the court papers, the parent’s feel their children’s deaths could have been prevented if their landlord had been more diligent about maintaining the building. According to the papers, not only did he fail to make sure the building had an adequate amount of smoke alarms installed in it, but there were also problems with the heating system, faulty electrical outlets, and insufficient escape routes

Although fire fighters were not able to officially determine what triggered the blaze, it’s the belief of the fire inspector that the most likely explanation is that a space heater being used in the family room was the cause. The general consensus is that the outlet the space heater was plugged into, and not the space heater itself, that sparked.

The family is arguing that if the landlord had made sure the heating system in the building had been working properly, they wouldn’t have been forced to use the space heater in the first place. In addition to that, the lack of smoke detectors and poor escape route made it impossible for the family to escape the house without casualties.

The landlord has already mounted his defense which is that he was not told that there was a problem with the heating in the building.

This is not the first time such a lawsuit has been brought against landlords by their tenants. Just last year, the National Fire Protection Association reported that there were a total of 24 fires in the United States that killed five or more people.

A wrongful death attorney Tampa can’t restore your loved ones. They can’t ease your heartache, but they can help you take the steps needed to make sure another family doesn’t have experience the pain of losing those they care about in a fire that could have been prevented.


If you have even the smallest suspicion that the fire was the result of neglect, you need to touch base with a wrongful death attorney in Tampa. Not only will they go over the case with you, but they will also contact the fire inspector and read through reports and based on what they find, they’ll help you determine whether or not you a wrongful death lawsuit is a sound course of action.


Even though you’re still grieving, the best time to contact a wrongful death attorney in Tampa is as soon after the fire as possible. By contacting them sooner rather than later, you make it possible for them to interview witnesses and explore the facts of the case while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. When you contact a Tampa wrongful death attorney, you will be able to start moving forward and continue on a path to healing.



Protecting Landlords

Tenants’ rights frequently makes news, especially in New York real estate law. While it is important to establish and protect the rights of renters, it is also necessary to establish laws and rights for the landlords who make housing available.

If you’re a landlord, there are several instances in which you may need to consult with an attorney. Not only will you need an estimable New York real estate lawyer to help you purchase your properties,but  as you establish yourself as a reputable landlord, you may encounter more situations in which the advice of a lawyer is necessary.

Evictions and Holdovers

No landlord wants to dwell on the possibility of evictions, but unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to have a tenant removed from your building. Evictions are necessary if a tenant has failed to pay their rent or if they’ve violated their lease in some way. A reputable New York real estate law firm will help you navigate the legal system to help you find the best possible solution for your situation. They will be able to guide you as to what your next steps should be and help you efficiently handle what might feel like a real estate nightmare.

Non-Payment Proceedings

If a tenant is not paying their rent, you may need to begin Non-Payment Proceedings to recover any money they owe you. In this situation, you aren’t trying to evict a tenant, just attempting to collect rent owed.

Lease Restructuring

Restructuring a lease may help you maintain a tenant, especially if prices in the area are dropping. Because a lease is a legal document, this is best handled by a knowledgeable New York real estate attorney. Your lawyer will help protect you and your assets during a lease restructuring.

Rent Collection

You read that right. A real estate lawyer can help you collect rent in a timely fashion. They will send demand letters upon late payment and will be able to more quickly begin Non-Payment Proceedings should the need arise. A real estate attorney understands that a landlord’s livelihood is his real estate holdings and that to be profitable, he or she needs to be collecting rent on time.

Article 78 Appeals

In New York, Article 78 deals with property zoning. Other states have similar zoning boards, though they may go by different names. The ability to appeal a zoning decision is an important tool for landlords. Zoning decisions may affect how a property can be used. A real estate lawyer can help you file an appeal against an Article 78 decision to help ascertain whether the decision was a rational one, or whether it was arbitrary or capricious. A court will then decide the merits of the appeal.

Real Estate lawyers are adept at assisting landlords with the legal side of their businesses. Reputable New York real estate firms offer free consultations to help landlords evaluate what services they may need and to help them better understand how an attorney can help them navigate the sometimes murky waters of landlord-tenant relationships. Part of common law, Real Estate law can help protect a landlord, as long as he or she is knowledgeable about it.